Is AI Going to Take Over The World?

   In our daily lives we are using thecnology nearly everywhere. From our cellphones to our workplaces to khitchens. Mostly the tech we use is connected to internet and thus either use or share information with different artificial intelligence ( AI ). So how come AI haven’t taken over the world like a Sci-Fi movie.

First of all we have to understand what an AI is. To be honest there is no AI that can even leave the computer that runs it yet. Because an AI is a computer program just like the games we play or the ofice programs we use everyday. Only differance is that an AI can take information without needing our inputs. Basicaly it can learn to a certain point. What it does whit that information is another story. For example Google uses AI that tracks you on internet and gives you the infomtion you looked at before and makes sugestions/addvertisements based on that. That program hidden in the Google is an AI.


So if we are using AI for addvertisement and we definetly know that it’s harmless how come we started geting scared of the word ”artificial intelligence”. I honestly belive this is because the movie ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Terminator’.   I mean we all seen them. And the main plot of those movies is that a rouge AI takes over the world and brings the doom of mankind. It’s scary is it not. I for one got nightmares obutit once or twice. Like heartless machines taking over the world and that sort of things. Have you noced that I called them heartless. Even if I never met a ”living” AI before how can I say sutch things. That is because of those films. The AI is always portrated as if its a heartless monster that came to kill us without mercy. And that is the combination of our species. We have a fear of the unkown , the AI that does not comunucade. We have a fear of the merciless. But most importantly our most primative fear is that something that is not human, that is not one of us becomeing the most intelegent. We dont fear that they will become the bad guys we fear because if they are more or at the same lavel of inteligence they might be a obsticle for our way of living. If that happens we wont be the most inteligent species nor the one at the top of the food chain. 

We are not afraid of the artificial intelligence itself. We are afraid of whot it can bring onto the table.

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