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Is Art A Job?

In our country art is not that important thing. We have to do lots of things before that. For example, if someone’s child wants to be an artist, they are trying to do everything to make their child give up. I am not saying they are doing this because they are bad people. They are trying to make their child’s life better but maybe they will be happy this way.

In our school art lessons are not necessary. For example, we just have a music class and we are taking music lessons just when we are in the prep class. They are saying they can not find time to give us other lessons when they give us art lessons. I think first we should have some art classes in our school. In other schools as I know, they are choosing music lessons or painting lessons. But they are not that important. We can not even say they are having real lessons. These lessons are the lessons that are the fastest to give up. The students, most of them,  who live in Turkey are not taking real art classes and they do not have an artistic point of view.

If we should talk about after school. In Turkey, if you are not famous you can not earn a lot of money as an artist. I know art is not something that you can do for money. You should do it because your soul has it but in this world, you have to earn money for living a good life. In fact, sometimes you can not even earn money. Because of that families in turkey are not looking good about being an artist for their children. I am not judging them I can understand their concern. So this is one of the problems to solve for art in Turkey. You can love to do something in art in Turkey but doing this as a job is not that well received. The famous sentence that they are saying is “You can do it as a hobby but not as a job because you can not earn money.” The saddest thing is if you are not that lucky they are right.

So I think in the schools the art lessons should be more important and people should not see like these lessons are not necessary. And the job opportunities and salaries should be higher than now. The government should take this seriously.  And after all that maybe people can take artists seriously and they can look at art like it is a job too.

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