Is Artificial Intelligence Threatening Our Lives?

Artificial intelligence has become the discussion of the century and it has already started to drive a wedge between people. We can’t neglect the fact that artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our life. Step by step we get used to virtual personal assistants like Siri, smart cars are getting close to be self-driven, online customer support led by chatbots, robots do surgeries, robots take care of babies, they do chores etc.

So the other question – what is next? Many scientists are worried that artificial intelligence might be better at all kinds of tasks than humans. Recently Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk had a discussion about artificial intelligence and how the future will be with it. Elon Musk was worried about the future and he said that AI is ” A fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization’’ but on the other hand Mark Zuckerberg was optimistic about AI.

It might be beneficial at hospitals where AI can have access to patient journals. The computer can retrieve information much faster than the doctors manage to browse hundreds of documents and we will get better health care thanks to better diagnoses. Smart homes will also reduce energy usage and provide better security and marketing will be more targeted.

At the same time the use of artificial intelligence might get out of control. Facebook had to shut down an experiment after two artificial intelligence programs began chatting with each other in their own language. So the world of the Matrix and Terminator might become pretty real but on the contrary implementing a new technology always has some drawbacks.

LawGeex(an artificial intelligence research company) is working on an AI lawyer to evaluate legal contracts. The AI’s first goal was to beat 20 experienced human lawyers. Human lawyers reviewed the contract and found 30 legal problems in 4 hours. %85 of their determination was true but against the AI they couldn’t win. It had %95 success and it did the operation in only 26 minutes. For now people think that AI lawyers will be useful for hem to make their works easier but in the future either they don’t know that AI will take their places or they they try to be optimistic about it. For me lawyers might lose their jobs in the future. Because of Industrial Revolution and industrial mechanisation in the 18th century a lot of people lost their jobs in factories and I think the same thing will happen to various other jobs.

The worls first citizen Sophia is an AI designed by Hanson Robotics to help visitors and old people in parks. It can copy all face expressions of people for example being happy, sad, angry… During an interview she said that she wants to have a family, a home, a job just like humans. At the end of the interview the reporter asked Sophia if she wants to destroy humans an she answers ‘’ Okay I will destroy humans.’’. They posted another video saying that it was just a joke but I think there may be truth behind it and it concerned me.

I am not against progress in AI but I think we should always keep an eye on it just in case. I would like to end my blog with a quote that I really agree with. “Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.“ Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute.


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