Is Cloud Technology Reliable?

One of the biggest advantages that today’s technology brings to us is undoubtedly cloud technology. Now, thanks to this technology, people can do what they want on the internet without the need for any physical items other than a technological tool. So is this technology safe enough?

Cloud technology is the generic name dec internet-based information services for computers and other devices that are available at any time and provide computer resources that are shared between users. It’s like a human brain, but this brain doesn’t exist physically, but it’s an organ that can do it when you want something. You actually know about this technology, but you don’t realize it. The internet sites that you use frequently today also benefit from cloud technology. This technology has huge advantages. The biggest advantage is that we can do everything without the need for any physical items (except for a technological device that can access the Internet) or a difficult job. For example, if you were wondering about a word, but you don’t have a dictionary with you, you can find out the smallest detail of the word by searching for this word on the Internet. Or because of the pandemic that has been in our lives for two years, students could not go to school for a year and a half, but instead attended online classes using cloud technology and continued their education.


When you look at it, cloud technology seems to be very useful. But people make evil out of even the good things that are done. Unfortunately, this technology is also present in cloud technology. And what is this evil, if you say, there is no doubt about reliability and confidentiality. Indeed, cloud technology can be very dangerous when we are having problems with these problems. For example, you wanted to use this technology instead of physically shopping at the store and you are trying to buy the product you want over the internet, but you entered important credit card and similar information without being careful, and as a result, your account information was passed to the wrong people. This is undoubtedly one of the situations that will make you the most difficult.


That’s why we need to do what we want to do from trusted and official sites so that we don’t stay in situations like in this example. Our first job in such cases as shopping must be to look at the reliability of this site. You should study people’s comments and, if there is no problem, you can do what you want comfortably.


Source: wikipedia Cloud computing

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