Is Everyone A Killer?

Global warming which, is the most well-known issue now around the world, is affected adversely. However, a lot of people know that global warming is affecting everything. For example, it stresses ecosystemsincreases fire threats, etc. Can we stop that global issue in time? 

First, let’s start with “what is global warming?” In simple words, global warming is an issue that is generally due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide. It poses some kinds of problems. It damages your home, rising taxes, causes more allergies and other health risks, etc. The world’s ocean temperatures are getting warmer too. Antarctica has lost nearly four trillion metric tons of ice since the 1990s that causing sea levels to rise by the yard for almost 50-150 years. There are a lot of solutions to global warming. For instance, regreening can help us in this way. Nature-based solutions can provide up to 37% of the carbon emission intake needed to keep global warming below 2 degrees celsius. Traffic is also another big problem for global warming. Surface transportation in the whole world is a source of greenhouse gas emissions. So it affects global warming so much. 


However, we need to do something now. Because if we do not do anything for the earth, we will die because of us. We can still prevent global warming but, we need to be quick as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will transform the point of no return. We, living in this world, and we need to protect it. It creates some climate change causes on our planet. Human activities such as burning fossil fuels and farming is affecting global warming so much. We can Power your home with renewable energy. Weatherize, invest in energy-efficient appliances, reduce water waste, eat the food you buy, and make less meat. Buy better bulbs, etc. 

So, global warming is the issue that is the rise of temperatures throughout the earth. It creates a lot of problems for us, animals, and natural life. We need to prevent this spread as soon as possible. There is a lot of solution to protect against global warming. We need to be quick for our world. If we do not, we will enter the point of no return. Global warming is killing us, we are killing us. Is everyone a killer? If you did not choose the protect world, you are the killer who murdered you.  

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