Is Everything Likely to Go Wrong??

We all have beliefs that we think that they do change our lives. Murphy’s law and law of attraction are two laws based on how expecting and hoping can affect the path we choose. However, it seems like we need to take one law to heart since they are opposite of each other.

Murphys law is, basically, states that if there is a possibility that something may go wrong, it will. Even if you try to prevent all those negativenesses, it happens anyways. In other words “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” This law is literally so pessimistic and in some ways not logical. Why I think like that is because everything has two possibilities: it can either end up well or bad. So every action has a possibility to go wrong no matter if it is high or low. Thereby, according to the law of Murphy, everything ends up being horrible. This law insists you to be paranoiac eventually, since you will be planning every single detail. Also it leads you to stop yourself from embarking on projects because you always think it would not be as perfect as you wish. Plus, you may also be afraid of trying something out. This might also cause big problems such as being always noncommittal. However, with this law, you may not experience any disappointment ,in fact you will get accustomed to things to be always bad for you so living in a dream world and disappointment is beside the point

Law of attraction is the contrary. According to the law, if you want something so much, it will eventually come true or simply “All thoughts turn into things at some point.” Opposed to Murphy, this law is way more optimistic and includes hoping and wishing things. It is a good way of thinking though, but still isn’t it so optimistic?? Moreover, it is not so realistic and can make people feel sad after something goes wrong or bad. Thus, in my opinion, it is not the best law to choose.

So I think neither of two laws should be considered so much that may affect your life in bad ways. For me, it is better not to exaggerate these things and to focus on hardworking considering everything can be worse or better. Although things end up being bad for you, remember that your effort is important and you do not fail because of these laws. But for me, planning things as though they will go wrong is better since disappointment will not be experienced as well.

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