Is Evil Actually Good?

People’s thoughts and ideas begin to form in childhood, and they become more knowledgeable with what they learn from their parents. For example, they begin to act like them, looking at how they step and trying to imitate them.After all, aren’t we all just a little example of our parents? That’s why our families are one of the most important factors in our search for identity. At the same time, the movements we see around us, the people around us regardless of who they are, and more are all factors that affect our lives. If there is an innate good or evil in us, then the thoughts we receive from our family do not have an effect?


This idea differs from person to person, but we do not live in a world where everyone can be perfect, where they will not be encouraged to think anything bad, and where everyone will help, respect and love each other.Does good or evil come from human nature, as Hobbes and Rousseau said? For example, even the feeling of hatred reflects evil. That’s why I don’t believe everyone can be pure good or pure evil. I believe people have two sides.


People bring out the good in things that make them happy, in the presence of their loved ones, when someone doesn’t do them any harm, but when someone does them wrong, when they make them sad, when they hurt their loved ones, no matter who they are, they feel compelled to speak up. This feeling brings anger, hatred and evil, which is why I believe in the argument that there is innate good and evil in every human being, regardless of who they are either way.

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