Is Homework Really Necesarry?

Every day, pupils all around the world complain about homework. Although it seems  so sickening and needless, it may have a significant role in learning. Being so redundant to do homework, haven’t you ever thought it may actually be helpful?

To begin with, not all students study after school and it is essential to make a revision to completely understand. Homework provides you a quick and brief revision which helps you to get good grades. Additionally, by doing your homework regularly, you will not need extra study exception for harsh exam weeks.

On the other and, homework may be very overwhelming as some teachers assign loads of York which are waste of papel. Nevertheless, by writing reasonable petitions to school administrations, this situation can be prevented. It is alo said that the school day is already long enough, nonetheless, it is scientifically proven that without revising, subjects can not be properly learned.

To sum it up, without being excrescent and extremely detailed, assignments are beneficial and nothing hard to do. Do you still think it is a waste of time after all I have mentioned?

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