Is Humanity Close to Extinction? 

People are the creatures who are burning with the love of curiosity. We may name this as a curse or as a gift. Our curiosity caused to many big disasters in centuries, for instance, atom bomb. Moreover, it lead us to discover many beautiful parts of our world and outside of the world. However, unfortunately our mistakes to this world are much greater than the benefits that our world gives to us. 

We are now about to run out of many resources of this world, such as fossil fuels, due to our unconditionally love to power. After finish these non renewable sources, due to climate change and other many factors, we won’t be in a position to estimate what is going to happen next, says scientists. Therefore, if we won’t discover planets and galaxies that suitable for our life standards human kind will extinct. In our minds only one question left: If we can’t turn earth to its old healthy condition, can we find other planets and galaxies that convenient to human kind even it takes a plenty of time? According to the data that taken from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope scientists learnt that Milky Way may harbour billions of planets that presents liquid water. Water, represents the evidence that life can be exist in a planet. This data gives us hope and fires our curiosity on space. Focusing on problems in the world is only a temporary action. We should strengthen our base, instead of thinking about the first 100 years, we should start thinking about what we can do until the first 10000 years. Because focusing the problems of the world is not a solution for us. We are human kind; thus we know very well to destroy things even they are essential for our lives. 

Stephan Hawking says “I believe that life on earth is threatened with extinction by catastrophes such as a sudden nuclear war, a genetically modified virus, and more and more dangers. I don’t think humanity has a future unless it goes to space. Therefore, I want to encourage people to be interested in space.”. I’m totally agree with these sentences of Hawking. Without discovering the space and galaxies it is impossible for us to live. The things that we are doing to our precious world is nothing else than torturing ourself. I hope that humanity, which has not understood the value of this world, can claim many more worlds.  

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