Is it okay even if it is bad?

The viewpoints on crime-related issues range from person to person. The definition of justice is a subject of debate. Some crimes are more tolerated than others. So would stealing to feed a hungry child be considered okay?
It’s perfectly fine. That simply implies that the current system has let you and your child down. There is no reason why there should be any hungry children as long as there are adults who are tremendously wealthy. Before someone goes off and enjoys constructing gold toilets, you must first feed all of the children, regardless of how you believe you deserve that gold toilet over other people’s lives. But Even if it were fully intelligible, it would still be incorrect. If you do awful things for good motives, it doesn’t change the character of the deed. Consider the impact on the baker who was robbed, rather than the starving youngster. Regardless of why you stole his loaf of bread, he is out of the ingredients and the time he put into creating it. Your motivations have no bearing on the outcome for him. You may have also taken money from him that he needs to feed his family. Robin Hood was a “noble” thief, according to legend. But, first and foremost, he was a thief. This is what is known as an “ethical quandary.” We all know it’s terrible to steal, but it’s equally wrong to turn a blind eye to a child or anyone else who can’t help themselves. If you don’t have the resources to feed the child personally, the most ethical thing to do is to try to find and encourage someone who does. If that isn’t possible, we have a moral commitment to do everything it takes to save that child’s life. I think it is okay to rank crimes from a Morality spectrum. Yes, it is never okay to steal but in some situations, we have to question our morality if we still say it is not Okay.
Balancing your morality spectrum Is exactly this. You do a bad thing which is stealing and you do a good thing with feeding a child. We cannot differentiate situations as being a good person or a bad person. Everyone should be judged by their inner morality.

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