Is It Right To Turn History Into Energy?

Most of our natural resources in our country are running out, and one of the reasons for the rapid depletion of our natural resources is that unconscious people pollute the seas, throw their garbage on the ground, cause the spread of polluted gases into the air, throw harmful foods on the soil, do not recycle recyclable products, as a result of these reasons, for example, water. Even if 70 percent of the world is covered with water, we can only reliably consume about 2.5 percent of it.

Instead of products that are naturally produced on our own land, we buy factory-made things from other places. By continuing to behave like this, everything around us began to be artificial. So why should we turn an archaeological site that is very important for history into a dam because of the unconsciousness of these people? In order to raise people’s awareness, seminars can be held, brochures can be prepared or at least announced to people as they pass by. In my opinion, people have to face what they have done. If they continue like this, they will face their worst, and then the time will have already passed. Nothing will be as beautiful and smooth as it is now. Archaeological sites are also very valuable today, and if we demolish a historical monument just to meet the needs, it’s like we’ve taken a beauty out of the balance of nature and put a beauty in. In my opinion, it is very unreasonable to dam the archaeological site underwater to meet the country’s energy needs, because it is ridiculous to destroy a historical monument because of unconscious people.

We’re officially throwing out one of the rare things left over from history. Of course, because most people are selfish, some people may prefer to make a dam. It may still not be too late to notice the beauties around us. We just need to raise people’s awareness and be frugal. For example, we can get our energy needs from solar panels, wind roses, water power, or, for example, batteries from the ground. We don’t need to generate energy by damming historical ruins or natural beauties. There is a limit to everything when using natural resources, but it would be a shame to ruin an archaeological site when there are so many possibilities around us. I think that they should be isolated in archaeological sites and their value should be realized because there may still be a lot of unexplored and extinct creatures inherited in our country.

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