Is it worth it

Unfurtunately, our success in life is being predictede by our school grades. They tell you that you won’t be successfull in life if you don’t have outstanding grades. But is this really true? Is grades the only margin we can be classified by.


One of the first concerns of students that want to be one of the best in their class is the elkimination of free time. Most people wonder if its worth it to give up their free timefor better grades. Its obvious that both approaches have their pros and cons and its only fair if we disscuss them both.


To speak on the side of studying. Getting in a collage may allow you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t. You could get a good job, socialize in the campus and join some events.


However if you think about it, you can do alşl these things without being the best of the best. What you need is just dedication. You need to be absolutely dedicated to learn the skills you need. You can do this by learning from someone you know. But if you are not that lucky, you may learn it from the evergrowing library of knowladge called the internet. Nowadays you can really learn anytyhing from the internet. Ranging from programming to garden keeping, the amount of skills you can learn seems infinite. And it really is if you have the time and passiojn for it.


But wait, I hear you ask. Aren’t we learning skills online because we don’t want to waste our free time studying. If we need to spend time learning things online, doesn’t it deafeat the whole purose? And the answer to that well expected question is no. You are not wasting your free time if you are learning skills you like and doing work you enjoy. Wasting your free time is when you study lessons that you don’t learn anything usefull from to gain a chance to go to a collage that may teach you something you like.


While it might be a bit more risky. Trying to get into a job as a self educated person or even creating your own job. And its obvious that it may take you a bit of more time. At least you are doing what youn like. As a wise man once said “If you do what you like. You won’t be working for tyhe rest 0f your life.”.

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