Is Loneliness Psychological?

What does loneliness feel like? Frankly, it is very difficult to describe this in a single comment. Loneliness is a feeling that varies from person to person. While some claim that they are alone because they have no friends around them, some feel lonely among dozens of people around them. In fact, this feeling is purely psychological. even some scientists have opinions on this subject.

Loneliness is a feeling that can put many people into a depression that can take the lives of many people. We want a support behind ourselves, a perfect love for ourselves and a constant attention from the individual in front of us. When we cannot see them or find them insufficient, we begin to look for faults in ourselves. We feel inadequate when we feel like people don’t pay enough attention to us, and sometimes we don’t pretend to be who we are to get attention. Right at this stage, our brains are left alone with our real character. We feel lonely when we see that the attention given to us is being given to someone else. We ask ourselves “am I not good enough anymore?, am I laughing too much?, am I too sad?, what should I do to get people to love me and not be alone?”. When we start looking for all the fault in ourselves and slowly isolating ourselves from people, we are left alone with our thoughts. If this situation is not prevented, it progresses and puts people into paradox as it progresses. Now it comes to a point where you get fed up with thinking and questioning. This is the real loneliness. In this case, the following statement of Chekhov explains the event very well: “Everywhere is a desert for anyone who feels lonely”.

In addition to people who have the potential to kill themselves due to loneliness, there are also people who love loneliness and even declare being alone as their philosophy of life. Again, the reason why these people want to be alone is people. These people do not need other people to experience the fun and beautiful moments in life. They please themselves with their own thoughts and live a more comfortable life. Some people try to unite themselves with books or animals to relieve their loneliness. Because animals and books don’t judge them or make fun of them. Honestly, being lonely can be very good at times. You are not afraid of people judging you and you don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations. You can also train your brain better when you are alone. Einstein said: “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life activates the creative mind”. In fact, it is impossible not to agree with this idea, but I do not know what people who are very social and friendly think about this issue.

Frankly, it is very difficult to choose between these two opposing ideas. Either way, life has many difficulties. It is only the job of a person who has lived through both to make a clear decision between these issues. A person who has been very lonely and has many friends can make a clear comment on this situation. however, loneliness is all about psychology and we can manage its violence with our own minds.

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