Is Metaverse a Thread to the Perception of Reality?

Is Metaverse changing the perception of reality or is it the real? We will find an answer for this question in this blog.

To begin with, What exactly is Metaverse? Metaverse is a virtual universe where you can do all the things you do in your daily life. According to some authorities, in metaverse people even have jobs and they can earn money from that. And the important thing is that these things can be done without moving in the real life, without burning that much of calories.

So, let’s talk about its pros and cons. For pros, we can easily say that it makes the social life much more easier. For example, if you want to play table tennis with your friend in real life it would take lots of time to organize a time which both of you are available, also to meet and go to the place would take lots of time but with metaverse, it would take only couple minutes. Another pros is new opportunities for business. Since it is a completely new universe, it can create lots of new business opportunities. At the moment, lots of lands from metaverse are being sold. And as more people buy lands, their prices get higher. That is a good example. Another pros would be its accesibility to entertainment. In the real world it is not that easy to access to the entertainment in the way you want at any time. But in metaverse, since you can litteraly teleport whereever you want, you can easily avess to the entertainment immediately. Let’s say you want to play bowling in real life it would take lots of minutes to access but in metaverse you can litteraly play bowling in couple seconds.

   On the other hand, of course it has some cons. Firstly and most importantly it can affect our health very badly. With metaverse, we will be able to do lots of activities without moving and stepping outside. So it might lead us not to burn the calories we supposed to be so that, it might us become fatter and cause other health issues. Other problem is that it is very likely to make addiction, which continiously would cause lots of problems, at some people. Addicted people might sever all the ties with the real world, since metaverse is a world that consists of everything in the real world. Or it is highly likely for them to forget eating and drinking.

As you see, we can easily say that metaverse is not the real. But we cannot completely say it is a thread that changes the perception of reality. In my opinion, we cannot say anything sure until metaverse is officially released. But, for me it will be a thread that changes the perception of reality.

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