Is Nuclear Energy Station Necessary ?


Nowadays nuclear energy is common. Nuclear energy is a type of energy obtained from the nucleus of the atom and nuclear power station is a facility where one or more nuclear reactors use radioactive materials as fuel, and heat energy and electrical energy are produced from this energy. Nuclear energy and Nuclear energy centrals have negative and positive sides.

Nuclear energy is generally produced by the use of the energy released by the splitting of uranium atoms to obtain water vapor, and the resulting water vapor rotates the turbines and it is a type of energy that is not a renewable energy source and is not environmentally friendly. If safety precautions and inspections are provided during construction and operation, the harm of nuclear energy to the environment is very minimal. However, it is possible to form radioactivity harmful to human health and the environment as a result of accidents that may occur in nuclear power stations. Chernobyl is a good example. In this disaster lots of people, animal, plant died because of the high radioactivity. Furthermore, people still can’t enter this area.

It is known that nuclear energy stations produce more energy in a shorter time than other power stations. Nuclear power stations are cheaper than other power plants and can be used for many years.

I think these stations are very efficient, but while these stations are building, a small accident can cause a very large area to be damaged, just like Chernobyl. Also renewable energy source can be an alternative. Like solar energy, hydroelectric power plants, wave energy, wind turbines etc.


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