When we hear any police siren, we think of criminals directly.  Even while watching news on TV or news channels on an ordinary evening, it is very possible to encounter a lot of crime.

Now, humanity beings have started to adapt to crimes. While watching the brutal crimes they see on the news every night, people don’t react at all. Because now they got used to seeing them all the time and they started to accept them and even accepted them. But is this really within the bounds of reason?

No, of course, when someone sits down and thinks about it, it’s easy to see how anormal that is. What is it that brings humanity to this state, that makes those crimes never stop? Laws, of course.

Increasing the the number of prisons will do nothing, it will only allow us to house more criminals. There are prisons in almost every country, and yet the crime rates continue to increase regardless of the country. The number of prisons makes no difference to criminals. Because prison is just a place surrounded by stones without laws and justice. Correct laws are essential to reduce crime and ensure a more just world.

What do you mean by right law? In the right law, prison sentences should be given according to the seriousness of the crime. Neither too little nor too much. It should be given regardless of how many years are required. People should know that they cannot trust their own rank when they commit a crime. In addition, the possibility of criminals to get out of prison by paying money and getting involved in that black bulletin should be eliminated. Where there are right laws, everyone should know that justice is not something money can buy. Prison fears of criminals cannot exist without these laws. In addition, the sale of weapons and sharp tools should be banned, except for some jobs. Anyone who goes against any of these laws must be punished according to the law. A fear should be created in the eyes of the people, and the crime he will commit should be reported.

Only where these exist can real justice and real freedom be achieved.

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