Is Quality Measured With Money?

Do you agree with the idea which says a lot of money is necessary for quality? If you ask me, I would say quality is a relative concept. It can mean many different things for every people. It is about what you are looking for in your stuff.

Is every qualified thing too expensive? For me it is reflected like this by helping of media. .All the trademarks, whose stuffs are too expensive, have brilliant adverts. stuffs are marketed perfectly by famous faces. Cost of stuff is mostly money that is paid for adverts. I don’t think that it is logical. I would be bothered that the money I paid would go to commercials.

But some points  the most expensive products, although not at the highest price can be higher quality. This can often be observed easily in technological instruments. Usually their gadgets have various property. Also sometimes they are more reliable. For example, your fridge ,which prevents food spoilage, should be secure. We don’t want to eat decay food. It can be fatal for us. Furthermore, cosmetics should be approved by the Ministry of Health. Because you can be skin cancer or blind which can be quite dangerous for us. 

Generally, perception of society is supporting famous trademarks which is forcing consumption. Every year different designs become vogue. People see these things on television or in each other. Then we decide that the majority uses better quality. Everytime we think like this. Society doesn’t think enough. Most of the consumers are like sheep, buying the latest things because the trademarks told us to. We just followed orders like sheep, without stopping to think about what we are doing. 

Additionally, we can easily find qualified and cheap dresses in bazaars. If we don’t mind the trademarks, we can do cheap shopping which is very useful for us in terms of our budget. Do not forget, we don’t have to paid lots of money for famous faces, adverts. We can do better things with that money.

Once and for all, as you understand that I don’t think  money always requires for quality just out of exceptions.

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