Is Searching for a New Home the Best Idea

Since the global warming and pollution is affecting the earth more and more each day, scientists started to look for a place to live outside the Earth. With the research and developing technologies  that have been helping scientists and astronauts to travel in space, Mars has been chosen to be the most livable planet in our solar system after Earth. Thus, many scientists started work to find a way to establish a colony on Mars. Although there are many research going on about establishing a colony in space and starting a new life there just like we had on earth, there have been people questioning it.  According to them, if mankind is able to turn a different planet into Earth, then we are also able to bring the old Earth back just as Neil deGrasse said. But this makes a question appear in minds: Which one would be more logical; saving our earth from this global climate crisis and pollution or establishing a colony in space?

I don’t feel like leaving earth behind and starting to live on a different planet is the right thing to do. We do not live alone on this planet, there are many different species of animals, plants and other living organisms. As humans we are the one who pollute our earth and cause the global climate crisis, we are the one who make earth a less livable place not other species. If one day mankind will find a successful way to leave this planet and establish a colony in space, even if all of the human population was able to leave earth, which I don’t think it would happen, it means that we would have to leave this planet in a much worse way. By saying that I mean a more polluted and hot earth and also much less species left because of extinction. 

 I think Neil deGrasse is right about bringing the old earth back. I mean if we are able to start a new life on a different planet, why wouldn’t be able to save earth and turn it back just into how it was before. I think it is our responsibility to revert it back to a more livable place. We simply can not ruin lives of other species who has no less right to have a liable world. 

To conclude, I think there is no meaning in searching for a different planet if we continue turning them into a less livable place. Instead, we should focus spending our resources to take back what we have done to our world which would be a way more effective policy.

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