Is space mining possible?

Meteorites are indispensable in science fiction movies. The cliché was detonated to prevent the end of the world, and occasionally it was developed and researched. The trendy scenario of meteorites, on the other hand, can be considered an investment as it can contain lucrative metals and elements. Given 16 Psyche, the asteroid is the size of the Sun in relations between the planets Mars and Jupiter. It is about 240 kilometers in diameter and has many precious metals. Platinum, iridium and rhenium are some of these metals. These metals, which have many uses in the world, are abundant in meteorites and are estimated to be 10 quintillion dollars. That’s 1 million times $10. This number is many times more than the economic power consumed in 78. Space mining production yet. There are many paths to have technologically ready, but for metals to be extracted, the main thing is that the logistics to Earth will take place. A heap of metal to be stored in agriculture will be found in such a way that it cannot reach the land of the space worlds and cannot be found in the land. The other problem will be if there is that much metal. It is certain that prices in the current market will be affected by such a supply, and why the squeeze would very well lead to a worldwide crisis. Interstate is another dimension. While the goal appears to be in the non-economic dimension of space mining, the motivation for engaging in these polemics at NASA is not economic, emphasizing the colorful formation on 16 Psyche asteroids

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