Is This Really Freedom?

In the modern era, technology involved in our lives so quickly. Nowadays, most of our daily habits are done with the help of technology. Although in some ways technology ease our lives, it brought along something that affects us mostly in bad ways- social media.

It is interestingly normal to see people chatting via their phones while crossing the road, or to see people posting many pictures of their foods in a restaurant which has been taken immediately after their order had been served. This is the pathetic portrait of how social media affects the considerable amount of our daily basis in a negative way.  In other words, we honestly became addicted to social media. I will not be surprised if a new and a serious mental illness about social media occurs in the next twenty or fifty years.

Talking about mental health, not only the social media makes us become addictive but also it leads to some serious psychological illnesses. I know, most depression and anxiety is not caused by social media directly but we cannot ignore the negative impacts on us. Most people feel inadequate after seeing many people living a dream life. This is not a way to envy, but the idea that they must live as happy as others do obsess them unconsciously.

Social media wants you to be happy, but this is not a great thing as you have assumed. Social media basically wants you to be seen happy no matter if you suffer from a bad thing or trying to deal with a serious situation. It also makes you feel like you always have to be active, otherwise you will fall behind the current news and recent events even if you are not active for four hours. You always have to keep up with the news and follow people and get informed about others people’s life- where they have been, what have they done, what have they eaten or where are they going. This informations are just information pollutions for me. Of course, it may be good to know your close friends plans but don’t you think is it truly exaggerated? And many people cannot see the fact that we are addicted to these pollutions. We feel uncomfortable after not being active for some hours because we couldn’t be informed about the unnecessary events. Isn’t is bad?

To sum up my idea, social media and technology became an important part of our lives. If we will able to be conscious about the time we spent on internet and how effective we are using these platforms, it is possible not to be addictive. But if you think you are addictive and want your past freedom, find new hobbies. You can even adapt your hobbies to social media, like writing reviews on the internet about the books you have just read and discuss them with people. Just import your freedom and use internet effectively.

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