“Did you ever think of visiting an old, abandoned mansion?”

When Emily first asked that question, we were all like, “There’s no way we’re doing that. Are you crazy or something? Looks like you’ve never heard about those insane people going there and getting beat up by ghosts or something. I still can’t believe you just said that. Why don’t we go to a MODERN one just in case no ghosts attack us?”. Emily laughed. Pathetic. No, you got me wrong. Not that I hate her but the attitude that’s like “I just came here for fun. I wanna live my life and you will do the same with me” is just really annoying. I mean girl, you can go by yourself and get haunted by ghosts, then you can tell us all your experience about the abounded mansion you’ve been praising to all of us. No ones holding you. But if you go there, please tell me. I might look uninterested, but I’m also curious.

Days have past, and Emily was still stuck on the thought as if she was gonna go, at least that’s what I thought. I might have talked trash about the idea, but now I’m in a mood to go adventurous. It was hard, but I told the girls that I was ready to go. Although Olivia and Ava were indecisive about going there, we still made a date. 14 August, Tuesday. Thought it would be adventurous, scary and funny at the same time. Do you think that’s an erroneous act? C’mon. I said it would be escapade. Right, I think you agreed with me now.

Finally, the date had come. I was excited, and nervous at the same time, correspondingly my other friends. Wait, don’t believe that statement that fast. Emily is an exception. She multiplies fears by 0. At least her OWN fears. We packed everything up including our mobile devices, I’m still nervous, but fears don’t help you. Maybe we were going to find something special, or in particular something really valuable. Although it’s rare, we sometimes see cases like that in our “daily news”. To illustrate, I think that pyramids are abounded things too. We all know how valuable things there are inside that pyramid, maybe worth 1 000 000$. Who knows!

“Okay, now go left in 100 meters. I said go left!!!!!”. UGHH! Typical Emily. Who even gave her a driving license? Pretty sure she wasn’t driving that car when it was her time to get tested out for the driving license exam. You should agree with me. How can a person go right although it was said left? I really hope it was a mistake.

Anyways, as we are on our way to the creepy old abounded and ghosted university (what a brief description), Ava talked about something that not many people knew. So first she started off with the building process of the university and said that it was built in the 1800’s (which no one cares), and while she was giving information, a word in her sentence really got my attention. She said it was built in the 1800, and also said there were people who found precious stone there. Maybe, we can find one too! If those people found them laying around in a very big building, still not discovered how, why can’t we find them?

Finally, we had come to the conclusion. We eventually made it to the old university in Oxford. Yes, the car that was taking us there might have stopped, but my heart did not. I wish we took the sphygmomanometer there. It might have had a benefit for all three of us (usually we’re four, but don’t forget the “fearless” Emily). When we walked by the door, everything was rotten and rusty dusty. I was worried that something would just fall on my head and that I would get injured. Why were we even here? Oh wait. Forgot about the “priceless gems”. Is it really that important? Even if there were any gems or something like that, the thief visiting this university had already got them 99%. As usual, Ava was looking through fake scam websites again.

So obvious, right? I thought the same. Hold on a second, where the hell is Emily??? Oh no… Please don’t tell me she’s wandering around trying to open locked doors for adventure. Most probably, that’s what she’s doing right now. No doubt!

“Emily! Please give us a sign. Where are you!!! Alright girls, now we’re all gonna call out her name with the maximum voice we can produce. 3, 2, 1, EMILYYYYYYY!!!!!!!”. It has been an hour since we started looking for Emily. Okay now, now I’m genuinely worried for her. I hope she’s not pranking us right now! WHERE IS SHE!!!!!

At this point, I don’t think we’ve got any other solution. We have to check all of the locked doors before it gets dark. While we all were checking them one by one, we noticed one door that was different from the others. There was a HUGEEE writing on it, sayings it’s forbidden to open. Sorry, rules are for cheating. Nothing to do! I opened the door that was said to be impenetrable, and HOLY MOLY. WHAT DO I SEE! I see Emily trying to save four new-born birds, and its mother stuck in the chimney of the building (plot twist). Chimney? What was a chimney even doing in a place where students go to learn and study? Well, this time I don’t have the answer for that. I hugged Emily really tight and told her that we were all so scared for her. Who could’ve known that “Emily” was saving five birds from suffocation?

We all went home and never went somewhere deserted ever again, at least with Emily.

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