Midas' Chatty Barber

It Shouldn’t Finish Like This

It shouldn’t Finish Like This

King Midas

I read a book named “Midas’ Chatty Barber”. It was about Phrygian music instrument and adventure of Yonca, Cemâl and Ali.

Yonca and her mom went to a province of the Aegean District for archeological excavation. Yonca met with Cemâl and Ali there. They were good friends and got on well with each other.

One day, children got lost in the forest at night.  They found themselves in a cave in the morning when they got up. Unfortunately, two thieves caught them that night. Fortunately, Yonca, Ali and Cemâl escaped from the thieves’ hands while they were sleeping. After the children arrived to camping area, the thieves also followed their tracks. But, at that moment, the police arrested them, before they arrived to camping area.

Yonca said goodbye to Ali and Cemâl. She and her mom returned to Ankara, one day later. I wish, Yonca stayed and lived with her friends there.



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