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Itemizing Feelings

Us humans value objects nearly or even equally as much as human interactions and relationships. We deem property important for many reasons. Financial value runs first place on the matter. Prosperity and financial investments sure is believed to bring happiness and assures stability on the long run. Sustaining your loved ones this way is a good option. And that is totally understandable.

Through years people have carried their wealth with them where ever they went including the other world. These consist of valuable gold and jewelry but also sentimental items such as letters from or to the loved ones. Items we care about doesn’t have to worth much for it to be worth the worlds to us. Its the love and memories you associate the object with. You  loading your emotions into this one special thing whether it is a pendant, locket, a pocket watch or even a rock, a valueless rock that you utterly adore. Securing your feelings into something that will outlive you is immortalising it in a way.

On the contrary obsession to said materials cause many disadvantages. Putting your precious possessions above human interaction and relationships are a few to count many. Fame and a fat wallet can go to ones head on the matter. Others may fade into valueless objects for you to use as a single use only napkin, nothing more nothing less. When or if the situation comes to this point it may be painful to watch but its only human nature.

When all is said and all is done whether you are personally attached to an item or not it is safe to say that whatever matters to you don’t die but only shift form. Emotions you burry deep within an object is only subject to harm in others’ hands when you depart from the world you feel your presence in. The value of the possession is determined by you don’t deem it anything more than what it is to you. To sum it all up just keep in mind that nothing matters anyway and everything will face its doom when the time arises.

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