It’s a Little Cat Things

There was a beautiful woman with a heart as beautiful as her face, known for her compassion.  This girl has thought about the welfare of others before herself in her life, and unfortunately, after a long time, she realized she wasn’t interested enough in herself.

A cat decided to own and take care of it, but also to do something great for herself.  She wanted to be friends with her cat she was going to own, and to get rid of people’s false feelings.

One day, a white cat was owned by a friend of his who had a baby cat like snow.  This cat is so beautiful that even people who don’t like cats are going to the inside.  The cat’s movements were too delicate and elegant to match a cat, just like the owner’s.

For months, the young woman was interested in the cat;  she played games all the time, hugged, loved.  There are visible changes in the young woman.  So much so that the young woman looked happier, more fresh and more beautiful than she used to be.  Even in her speech, there were major changes.  Now she’s making more promising sentences, and her self-belief has risen.

Later on, the young woman’s eyes began to have unprovoked intraction and swelling.  She was praying all the time, so it wasn’t about her cat’s hair.  She tried to stay away for a while.  Seeing her cat from afar, not touching her, not hugging her, it hurt the young woman. 

The swelling and the burning in his eye was an effort to get him out of the way.  Although she doesn’t want to leave, there’s no other way to do it when it comes to her health. 

She contacted people she knew, people she trusted.  Soon after, she started meeting with a friend she could trust her cat with.  Although her cat, her companion, would go somewhere else, she was just ingrating that she would be happier and more peaceful there.

Even though her cat was burned in the time of her departure, a drop or two of tears fell from her eyes, she entrusted her cat to her new owner for her happiness.

She jumped up and straightened up where she was lying.  She realized was crying because of the cool on her face. She checked always her cat on the right side of his bed.  She was sleeping in the same place as she always was.

A young woman leased behind her with a deep breath.  She realized at that moment that her mind was playing a game.

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