Journal of Money

As you know, people used to get their needs met through barter, but in recent years there has not even been an exchange. Nowadays, in fact, not only barter, but also regular currencies have been left out of the market. And now I will tell you about the “crypto currency”, which replaces the barter and regular currencies
First of all, let me start by telling you what crypto money is. Crypto currency is a fully digital, encrypted, virtual currency that can be used for exchange transactions. According to some, it is the currency of the future. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are a phenomenon that has been heard by many people, has attracted a lot of attention from everyone from heads of state to giant companies, and is a lot of unknowns. Cryptography is used to verify and securely perform exchange transactions. It does not have any physical equivalent to crypto currency. The money that was originally spent and transferred with bank cards and credit cards is also virtual money, because as a result of these operations, only system data changes occur. Crypto coins also have the same principle of working in the same logic. But there is a system that is not managed by any authority or government, that is, it is not centralized, which makes the system more secure. Now that we have found out what crypto currencies are, it’s time to understand their history.
Since the 90s, the leap age of technology, many attempts have been made to create a digital currency. Systems such as Flooz and Beenz were developed, but these attempts were unsuccessful due to fraud, financial difficulties, internal disputes. All these studies have developed the idea of a reliable, third-hand approach. The first crypto currency, Bitcoin, was developed in early 2009 by a person or persons who came up with the code name Satoshi Nakamoto. Although it was said to have been developed by Satoshi Nakamato, it was shared as open source software by people who were unclear who or who. This network runs on a platform with a concept similar to end-to-end encrypted file sharing platforms. Bitcoin, that is, what is a crypto currency, in fact, is gradually showing great effects in our lives.
The last thing I got to tell you about this issue is that crypto money will be different from regular money. The only difference between crypto money is not that it is not physical, besides, its value is slightly superior to regular paper money. And now let me tell you a little about whether it is legal or not. The legality of crypto currencies varies from country to country. The legality of some of them is still unclear or variable, while some countries openly allow their use and trade. Some countries have banned the use of crypto currency or imposed a limit on its use. The main reason for these prohibitions is that the tricks and duplications made on top of the money are more and more incomprehensible. In other words, if crypto money takes up a big place in our lives in the future, it can become a big problem.

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