Just A Phone Number

I was in a very dark room. There was a window which was the only thing that illuminated the room. It was very small. And it was so high from the ground. I just can’t remember every detail. I was watching movie. And I had a really strange phone call. There was a phone number. I can say that I remember that number from somewhere. But the thing is, I don’t know whose number is this. Or I don’t know that how I remember it… It was really strange. Someone on the phone was laughing. But, he was trying to hide his laughing. And someone on the phone was saying that “You will come, or you will die”. Of course, I was too scared. So, I went to somewhere. Then, I’m right here. Why did I open that strange phone? I’m so dissapointed abut myself. If I hadn’t picked up that phone, this wouldn’t have happened to me.


What was happening? They are my friends. Is that a surprise party, but for what? Is that a special day? No! It’s just my birthday! I’m so happy that they remember this day. The day that I couldn’t remember. The day that I was born…

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