Just About to Forget

It was a pretty normal, same morning. I woke up from my bed, washed my face and weared my clothes. I cooked myself a breakfast and I was ready to go for my job. I picked the road that I always use. I stopped at a cafe to buy a cup of coffe. I knew filter coffe is 2.5 dollars and I was trying to found some quarters from my bag. At the time that I was ready to pay for the coffe,  the girl who gave me the coffe said “You don’t need to pay for this one. We have a special event today. If you can pass the parkour which I am going to show you now, you will earn a coupon that makes ten of your orders free.” I was excited after this so I said “Show me.”

I know it is a good example for irresponsibility but I was curios about it. Free ten orders are not really important for me but I want to see the parkour. After I said the caiser girl I want to see she replied “Please follow me sir”. She went to back sides of the cafe, where only workers can enter. I hesitated for a second but then I went inside after her. I was expecting a classic kitchen however the thing I saw was not like a kitchen. We appeared in a huge garden. After I turned my back the door we entered was disappeared slowly. My mind was very confused, I asked the casier girl what is happening. She said “That was your decision, do not blame me.” After a few seconds she also added that her name is Annabeth. I asked her the parkour, the purpose to come here. She said “Oh, you are right. Wait second please it should be here.” Then she started to grabble her pockets. After a while she picked up a key. I was curios about the usage of that key. She throwed the key to air. When key fell ground, it created a parkour. The parkour looks very dangerous(maybe because it equipped with war axes, swords and if you fail you fall into a lava pool). I asked Annabeth about the time, as I mentioned I was going to work. I imaginated parkour to be more easier and more “normal”. Annabeth answered that time is not same as the earth. I did not query about it. So I asked “Can I leave here without finishing the parkour?” She shaked her head side to side. I started the parkour.  It was very hard but I could finish it without any injuries. I think because I am an athlete and I have some luck. After I complete the parkour Annabeth started walking to me. When I was breathing deeply she said that I was very succesful. Than she said we can move to the coffe back. I would not be sad about it.

When we return I checked my watch, it only moved for one minute. I was still thinking that did I just dreamed something or it was real. I was just deciding that I dreamed Annabeth appeared. I understand that everything was real. I was ready to leave. As I was just going away from there, a hand touched my shoulder. I turned my back and I saw it was Annabeth. She told me that I forgot the coupon. I took coupon from her and I saw that there was an another card under of it. It says that “If you want to earn more by completing parkours, call this number.”



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