Just bike it!

Dear Children and Dear Elders,

As the mayor of our city, I am with you to talk about something that has been depressing us lately. With the developing world and advancing technology, increasing greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide gas emissions, we decided to take action for our nature, which is damaged a little more every day, not listening to the cries for help of our nature was no longer at work

Aware of the undeniable contribution that even a small piece of garbage taken from the ground will make to our nature, we decided to implement the ‘Pedal for the Future ‘ project, which will come into effect on May 28, 2020, after sleepless nights spent with our team. Although it is a small step for a greener and more hopeful future, cycling, which is one of the first things we learned at the best times of our lives, when we were younger children, is a very effective step. Yesilmaz It is quite easy, harmless to nature and capable of working out the vast majority of november muscles in our body at the same time, this activity is perfect for us.

Within the scope of the project;

The 12 national parks under the umbrella of the ’General Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks” will be closed to vehicle traffic except for emergencies and special situations and will be replaced by bicycle taxis or individual bicycles. In this way, yesil spaces owned by our capital will be kept away from exhaust and similar vehicle-borne gases.

‘Future Bicycles’ stations belonging to our municipality will be installed at the stops and busy streets to be started from busy metro stops such as Kızılay, Bahçelievler, Dikimevi and Söğütözü. These bicycles, which can be rented for free by Bus and Metro card, can be returned to any ‘Future Bike Station‘ again. It is our greatest wish to reduce the carbon and exhaust emission tuesday of our capital and encourage our people to live an active life with this leasing system, which has made a great contribution to Hamburg and Amsterdam, one of the favorite cities in Europe, and has been successfully implemented.

As Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, said, “A solid head is found in a solid body.’We believe that sport, which has an important place in both our mind and body health, will help to bring sports into the lives of us Ankarans by stating that there is a need to include sports in life during these stressful and difficult days, and you have a great task in the development and continuity of this project. We will launch it, you will use and support it.

We went to town to clean my speech and peaceful baskentli you, your support and participation, we expect the best for all of us wishing the end of this sacred path I want to conclude. See you in a more beautiful yesil Ankara…


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor April Gökçe Kurt

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