Just Look To The Future

We all know that the economy of countries is based on energy production, especially electricity.  The most profitable way to generate electricity without harming the nature is to build a dam.  For example, thanks to dams, water can be controlled and possible floods can be prevented, irrigation of agricultural and forest areas in the surrounding area, etc.  We can give examples such as  Not to mention the benefits to the economy.  As everyone knows, electrical energy is the most used energy type today.  However, sometimes the areas suitable for dam construction may be above areas with archaeological value. In such cases, the construction of dams is protested by some people and their construction is stopped. How true is that?

In my opinion, stopping the construction of energy production facilities such as a dam is nothing but hindering the development of a country, especially for an event like history.  F.W.Robertson said, “The past is gone. The future is ours.”  Clinging to the past only leads us to mistakes made by past civilizations.  How logical is it to stop the production of energy that is crucial to exploring past civilizations?  Think about it, your state is canceling the construction of the dam because it is above the archeological site it should have built.  And that’s why it buys energy from other countries.  Economic issues such as energy production should be prioritized above all else.  Here are my comments on the subject. You don’t have to agrre with my idea. Thanks for reading.

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