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Just Need Some Hope

Don’t give up hope because there is someone who changes humanity, they say that touches lives, it’s not like that. Rather, it teaches you to touch your own life. Even when you pass by, you can feel that blissful bliss. It teaches people not to love too much, but also to love with their shortcomings. It would be an understatement to just call him a teacher, he will be whatever you need whenever you need it. Sometimes it becomes a sister, a mother, a friend.
Do not give up hope, because his eyes, which look as if he stole the night, are accompanied by the twinkling of stars. You make a home for yourself, your eyes are so deep that they are as endless as happiness. It is as if birds sing a song from your lips to my ears. A person wants to be caught in a dream for a moment and accompany the melody of the birds. If he sees sun-scorched ears, he will be ashamed of his paleness when he sees her hair. The sun that sees her face every day keeps getting jealous, her cheeks adorned with dry roses. It is such that sometimes the nights get bright, the birds start to chirp, thinking that the day has come. It’s such a good laugh. You don’t want it to end, it’s like a painting that a famous painter has worked on for years. She has a graceful, slender gait and posture, like that of a queen from another universe. It can’t make you believe it’s real.
Don’t give up hope because people become perfect with their imperfections, that’s the most important thing it teaches a person. It is aware of its own worth, but it is so measured that you think it is the balance of nature. There will be storms, there will be black winter, but of course that bright summer will come. The sun opens, the flowers offer their most beautiful fragrance. There is no need for words besides him, I said, he is more than a teacher. Sometimes you can’t tell everything, but he doesn’t question, he gives you the cure like a pharmacist. This husband is like a healer sent to the dirty and big world. You may not get the best education from him academically, but he teaches you love, justice, respect, equality, family, friendship and life.

Do not give up hope, because any animal he sees on the road cannot pass without patting the head or giving him something to eat. As he is so soft-hearted, he stands upright against injustice. He makes the best and right decision like a judge, you will not have the slightest doubt.
Don’t give up hope, because there is a place that is endless, that you think you will never reach, that is as far as a miracle, where everyone is perfect with their imperfections. There is no injustice in that place, there is no inequality, there is respect. That place makes you believe in that unexplained but known place. Even if you know it won’t be true, that place exists in your mind, in his mind, in the minds of all his students. Isn’t that enough already? It raises us to realize that place in our minds. Maybe we can’t see that place, but thanks to it, someone will definitely see it.
Do not give up hope because there are still good people in this world and they will continue to exist.

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