Just Not Right


Millions of animals including rabbits, mice, cats and dogs languish in pain in cages right now. They can’t do anything rather than living a life in terror and waiting for their painful death. More than 115 million animals die due to cosmetics, food and drug test every year. Researches show that up to 90% of animals are used in laboratories in United States.

Accoding to experts, animal testings are so worthless that nearly half of them are never even published. So why do we continue to insensibly murder millions of animals every year? In my opinion, laboratories are no place for animals. Humans do not have a right to kill any living organism for scientific researches. Animals have rights just like humans and violating them is not ethical at all. In addition, many researches which included animal testing failed since humans and animals have differences.

There are many different alternatives to animal testing and did you know that they are usually more effective, cheaper and quicker? As an example, vitro testing, in other words using human cells for researches, is a painless way to use in a research.  In addition, with technology it is easy to model organs and tissues of humans in computers. And did you know that it started in 1960s? The results are more effective than animal testing. As a result, we can see that alternatives are much more effective and ethical.

Also, there are several things we can do. Buying cruelty-free cleaning products, cosmetics and drugs with a leaping bunny logo and supporting those companies is a useful way. Furthermore, informing people about these crucial facts can help. Donating to charities which do not fund animal experimenting is another way as well.

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