Justice and Conscience

Why do people commit crimes? It is thought that the punishments of people who commit crimes ensure justice. But not every crime committed is equivalent to the punishment they receives. Most countries make laws to ensure their own justice. These laws were enacted to maintain order against crimes. But do these laws always have to be valid? Can these laws, enacted to ensure justice, enable us to fight remorse?

Is a crime committed to feed a child should be considered as crime? A little kid is hungry even though they have no crime in life. I do not think it is correct to call a mistake made to satisfy the child’s hunger a crime. because justice is people getting what they deserve and a child doesn’t deserve to be hungry. However, since this situation is not valid on the law, you will be deemed to have committed a crime and you will be punished. While most murderers don’t get the punishment they deserve, it doesn’t make sense that theft made for feed a child gets punished.

Of course, I do not find it right to steal. The only solution to feed a child is not stealing. Crime is crime, it’s not right for everyone to steal to feed a child. But we can show tolerance more than a murderer because when someone feeds a child it means she or he do a favor. So we can be flexible about it. If we don’t shape the punishments it can be bad for our World to believe that still there are some good people. For example a man who is Hamza Bendelladj stole approximately 10 million dolars from some banks to feed African children. In most of the social media platform he mentioned as a good person.

To summarize, there are many ways to help, one of them is not theft, but if it’s the only solution, it can be done.

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