Justice of Life

World becoming with the nature, humanity and the other types of living things. I each group of living things have different qualities in life. For example as you know some dogs born to he street and they living with the hard situations, but on the contrary some dogs born to the hot and warm houses. That is the main differences for real life. Also as you know 7.9 billion people are  living in the world and each one of them is different. Despite of these some of the people have same physical proporties and same view.But also they are different. So firstly these  differences cause because of the gender difference. Additionaly nearly half of the world is girl and the half of is boys. So these differences can not be ignored.

In the world girls and boys have same rights infront of the laws. But in the social life this is not like that. For example some poeple think that some of the jobs that is needed power, can not done by girls or for some people’s perpective if boys do not have jobs or enough money they cound not have a girlfriend. This is the simple example of effects being different. Also some people think that this diffeernces must be removed. Because they thimk that boys and girls are equal and they must be live equal. For these people everyone can not come equal in this life but after born they should live with equal situations and equal life style. This can be provide by the presidents or with donations. Also this is great for the living great life for the humans who are living at bad conditions.

On the other hand some people support this differences. They accept the differences because they belive that they born with different qualities and they have to live with this situations. For example when a baby born at Africa he or she can not reach medical materials, but when a baby born to a rich family he or she can live with the impresive qualities. But this is also great for sometimes. Because when we try to every one become equal ıt makes the people machine, but when people develop themself different way we observe different perspectives and opinions. This difference can develope the world and humanity.

As a result people need to be different for developing the personality and the world. Also this different lifes cause inequality. Because of that some of the people want to be equal. But this is possible for this life. Because we born different, we live different, we have different personality and more.  That is why waiting for the equality is not meaningful. Life never be equal for us. But we can change our life style. And result of that choice we can be happy and feel equal about our life. Also life must be not equal, life must be fair. Everyoen should take the things how much they need, not more, not less. This is equal life.

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