Keeping Children Safe

Millions of people have died while trying to protect our beautiful ,Turkey, homeland.Regardless of gender ,both men and women  fought for their country..They tried so hard to saving and also creating a great homeland for the next generations.And at the end result for their hard work was Turkey.Not only grown population  of Ottoman but also children tried to help..After Turkey was established Atatürk said something, “Protecting the homeland begins with protecting the children” which i think so important and makes sense.Now i am going to tell you why i think in that way.

Children are the future of the country .Our ancestors or the people who saved our country once were a child.If a child can get the right education and the right amount of attraction from their family.Basically if they get raised right they can do so many good jobs for their country.When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a child he wanted to became a soldier because  of his father ,Ali Rıza Efendi, .Even though  Ali Rıza Efendi died at a pretty young age,unfortunately, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk got  influenced by his father and He did every thing  to become a soldier .There are so many examples like this .It is because a persons childhood can create   a charactheristic behavior or even can change a persons whole crahacter.If person has bad behavior about something it is probably because of something happened when he was young.In order to cancel these kind of behaviors we should protect our children.And do not let them experience any trauma.At the end of the day that child who experienced bad trauma is going to be our country’s doctor, soldier or even president.That child may going to be someone’s parent in the future.And it will create other traumas for that childs child.
So if we want to raise good people for our country, we have to keep them safe and protect them.In that way it would create a cycle and they would do the same for their children too.

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