Keeping The Balance

Nowadays internet and more specifically social media heavily used in order to reach information. However, information on internet is vulnerable to disinformation and fake information that causes serious problems. At this point, there is an opinion that states governments should be able to reach the information that people shared on the internet. Do you think that this would be ethical in meanings of freedom of expression?

Misleading information is causing major impacts especially lately because of the developing technology. For instance, democratic impacts, violence against innocent people, serious health problems or even deaths, racist ideas can be given. To be frank, I agree to the idea of governments being able to reach shared information on social media and internet in order to prevent these kinds of problems.

On the other hand, governments should be careful about the thin line between censorship and protective action since everybody has the freedom of expression and the right of being informed. If the governments are going to have a right like this, they should check the information whether it is false/misleading information or not when they detect it and then take actions about it.

To conclude, I agree the idea that governments should be able to access the information shared on the internet with the purpose of preventing the spread of false/misleading information for the greater good of the people. However, this access should never be used as a mean of censorship or tracking political rivals.


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