Key of knowledge

Ongoing years, the human race always want to find out unknown things that are facing. Sometimes, they make incredibly detailed researches from online platforms or they visit the place that the thing has happened. Thus, they procure the indispensable passion of knowledge. What if people can not reach the knowledge even if they change to reach?
The human race can acquire whatever they want or need which is called human nature. Because people pursue their lives by achieving what they need to survive. However, it is just required for being one of the living creatures. What about being a person who gets over oneself? Is it just about achieving requirements to survive or knowledge?

People need knowledge for the rest of their lives. Because they are fed by knowledge and grow with their potential. What if there is not enough knowledge about a particular topic? There are two ways to escape from that unsolvable situation. One of them is lying which causes the transmission of wrong knowledge that has a chance to inform the next generation in an unsuitable way. The second one is believing what other say. We believe them by heart because there is no other way to be fed by knowledge.
The thing that saves us from making mistakes is knowledge. Because it comes from the previous generation’s experiences. As Albert Einstein said, “ The only source of knowledge is experience.”.

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