Kids Don’t Work

Being a kid is very nice, you can run and play, have fun with your friends, you have more things to live in life, the only responsibility you have to do is your homework or something else that is not really important. It is a really beautiful life.

All children deserve this, but unfortunately, not all of them can have this beautiful life. Some children have to work because of their families. Their families forced them to work and take the small amount of money they earned. Although this situation is already very unfair, they do not take care of them properly. That is why it is not very good to employ children as workers. Of course, we cannot say that all of these working children are working with the force of their families. Some actually work because they have financial problems, maybe because they have to take care of their siblings, or maybe they work to support their family’s financial situation. But this still does not make the employment of children a good thing.

There are bans applied to prevent children from working, but it cannot be said that they are effective. In my opinion, much more strict and effective bans should be implemented in order to prevent children to work. If these strict bans are not implemented, perhaps these children will be forced to work for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t that be very unfair to those kids? Or, who knows, maybe we’re wasting them by making these kids work silly jobs. Some families make them work under heavy conditions for small amounts of money, while they can study and achieve very valuable, important achievements and help the country, maybe even the world.

Would you like to be one of those children? Let me tell you, I don’t think you would. Try to put yourself in their shoes, think about how sad they are, and think about the unfair situation they have suffered. What a ridiculous situation, no one deserves to live like this. Everyone deserves the chance to study as they should. In order to support children who are deprived of this chance, the strictness of the bans should be increased and more effective punishments should be applied.

As a result, working as a child is not legal and it is also not a good thing for children, so this should be stopped by strict and effective punishments.

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