Kingdom Of Brain And Heart

Happiness, rage, excitement and ambition ; our will’s little soldiers, and friends who are strangely considered to be enemies by many . They work 24/7 yet they never complain about being bossed around by their king and queen, brain and heart.King and queen order them job and the simple thing they have to do is pick someone from their group and be the knight of the day. Somedays they do not fight alone but when their number rises, each one’s power wanes.
One day, king and queen gave them the hardest job of their life and happiness, rage , excitement and ambition couldn’t stand it anymore and quit their job which was not wise of them because they knew they couldn’t survive outside their kingdom but they did it anyway.They left their job little knowing that human, their empire would get numb.
They left the castle without looking back . Happiness was scared , it was the weakest of them after all, it didn’t have the slightest chance to survive out there but ambition was convinced about not leaving it.So excitement helped happiness get up and walk.Rage and ambition was leading the way.Rage and ambition had a complicated relationship, they knew they were not ideal for each other, everyone knew it and every second they had spent time together alone, happiness in excitement’s arms would fell on the ground. Excitement could see that ambition was slowly turning into greed, without queen no one could control the rage and if they tried that would only cause the happiness’s death.
As they continued rage became stronger than ever.It looked back and without anyone could understand what happened killed the happiness with the powers it took from greed ,who once was excitement’s best friend ambition, and used happiness’s weakness as an excuse.When rage killed happiness something inside excitement also died, excitement was no longer the same ,it was not powerful and it was certainly not excitement. It was a small, useless hope; at least that was what it thought it was. Greed was no longer a soldier of king and queen, it only obeyed the rules of rage this time.
Rage later on decided to go back to their kingdom and take the throne of king and queen.Little hope was too weak so it wasn’t in any condition to take rebellious decisions, it was just slowly walking behind the two most powerful soldiers in this universe. When they turned back they couldn’t believe their eyes every step they took had burned the green grass of the endless field and that was the time when hope became too sick to fight with them so rage and greed left it in the middle of the gray skied field.
King and queen knew that they would come back so they brought love to the war.They fought for days, weeks, months but rage was too powerful with greed next to it.So they brought hope to greed ,made it see how miserable its old friend is and it worked.Greed could finally see everything crystal clear, mistakes that it had done since it started to work with rage and felt bad for just ignoring everything but rage.Now rage was all alone and had no chance to win against love and ambition.
It still took time to defeat rage but it went far far away to not come back.Empire was saved, excitement never fully recovered but it was grateful that ambition returned.Neither king and queen nor its friends forgot rage but happiness was the strongest ever since rage was gone.

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