Kite Runner

Remember everything or do not get tired of anything, what would you choose? Personally, i choose do not get tired anything because i have some memories that i do not want to remember in any part of my life like everyone and besides to be energetic all day is one the things that i want in my life recently. Because ,as students,we are looking to computer screen all day for school and it makes me and my eyes tired.

Secondly, think that; do you want to tell these Corona days if your kids or grandkids ask what were you doing in 2020, in the future. If you ask my opinion, i really do not want to remember these days, as a whole world our days have been more hectic than ever since at the beginning of 2020. Viruses, earthquakes, forest fires… and so much more. I  want to be optimistic and believe that everything will be okay in one day but i certainly do not want to remember everything in my life.


Not get tired of anything and be energetic in your whole life… Is it possible,can we do this or is it just a dream that never going to happen. I am sure that most of the people  will choose it if they have chance. Imagine, you do your duties and you are full of energy, it is like kill two birds with one stone. I know some of the people who will die for feature. Especially my mom, she get tired in work all day long. In some days, when she come back to home all she need is energy. And it makes me upset.

So in conclusion,  there are some bad days and some good days in your life. In your brain there are some memories that you want to remember and on the other hand there are some memories that you do not want to remember. We can say that remember everything is not a good idea because of that. But energy will not hurt anyone, a world with full of energetic people will be really good. I really like to see how could it be. I mean, when you go out everyone is smiling and you see that the world goes on. But it can’t be possible. I really appreciate the ones who do not get tired of anything because I could not do it. Let’s think together, which one is better?

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