Kiyotaki Tunnel

Dear whoever reads this,

I recently moved from the USA to Japan due to work. As much as I liked it back in New York, I had to move away. It was indeed hard to leave my family and friends behind but back then my career was more important to me. Being a journalist, I never had a stable life. I always had to run from one place to another, never getting the chance to settle down or even relax. It seems easy however it’s one of the hardest jobs if you ask me. I moved to Kyoto, a vivid city with friendly people. At least I thought they were friendly but seeing that they never warned me about the current situation I’m stuck in, I think I was being pitifully naive. Earlier this day my boss, who is a really short-tempered man, asked me to investigate a theft outside the city. Needless to say, I was not happy about his request. I was already angry at my parents because we had a small argument and now I had to drive all the way out of the city. I knew complaining was pointless so I just grabbed my keys and got into my car. I had two options; I could waste a huge amount of time and drive to my destination using the highway or I could just use a shortcut which was the Kiyotaki Tunnel. Of course I chose the not so short shortcut. You see, Kiyotaki Tunnel is actually very long but it was the best option I had at the moment. I noticed something weird when I got into the tunnel; there were absolutely no cars there. I was all alone in the dark tunnel and I had a feeling like someone was watching me. I felt really uneasy, everything about the tunnel sent shivers down my spine. I thought I heard a girl sobbing for a minute so I stopped the car. When I got out of my car, I was greeted by plain solitude. There weren’t any girls there so I dismissed the topic, thinking my brain was playing games to me. I found it strange that there weren’t any cars here besides mine so I decided to do a google search for ‘Kiyotaki Tunnel’. I was terrified when I clicked the first website that popped up. The Kiyotaki Tunnel was believed to be haunted, my eyes widened from the disturbing story behind it. The legend said that there was a mirror somewhere in the tunnel and if you looked into it, you would catch a glimpse of your own death. I started shaking uncontrollably when I looked in front of me. There stood a mirror, big but dusty. I saw a horrific scene, it was brutal and it scarred me for life. I didn’t continue my journey in the Kiyotaki Tunnel, I got out of there as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Knowing exactly how I’m going to die made me sick. I was driving myself crazy over time and now, I just know that I can’t take it anymore. Here is a piece of advice for you; No matter what you do, don’t go into the Kiyotaki Tunnel. If you’re reading this note, there are probably millions of headlines about my death and how I took my own life. I’m deeply sorry but I had to do this. Stay safe.


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