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From now entered our lives, although a few years ago, the whole world shook a great influence on the markets and the economy due to the pandemic, non-contact and human touch is one of the methods that can be done without payment, and in paper money as an alternative way to protect from viruses and bacteria appears because of the pandemic in the process is shrouded in a larger place in our daily lives. Many of us are thinking in our minds “What is cryptocurrency?”he is looking for an answer to the question ” and is going on a mysterious journey deep in the digital world while trying to find the answer to these questions

Cryptocurrency is a highly encrypted, decentralized digital exchange, the transactions of which are recorded in a digital ledger called a blockchain, uses cryptography and serves as a means of exchange. The process of monitoring the transactions of a cryptocurrency on a blockchain is known as mining. Crypto currency is a completely independent digital currency that does not need any banks to store or make transactions. The difficulties in tracking digital money and the fact that economic values change hands easily make crypto money attractive for some investors. It is similar to physical currencies that have a certain value and can be used during trading, in particular, to purchase goods in a virtual environment or as a form of growing investment. But it is necessary to pay close attention to its use. Crypto money is almost like a bottomless well. Sometimes a person falls into this bottomless well with the ambition of earning more and more easily without any effort, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get out of this well. A lot of people have lost all their assets in this unpredictable market, even this material loss has led people to give up their lives. Many countries will also have become aware of this danger, which has secured the crypto currency user by introducing a number of legal regulations. Initiatives have started in our country for a number of legal regulations that will ensure crypto currency users. Among the most important advantages of crypto currencies is that the central authority does not have the authority to set the rules in crypto currencies. Decoherence is one of the most important advantages of crypto currencies. Those who have a device that can access the Internet can create a passbook and use their account anytime, anywhere. Since crypto currencies are not under the control of any central bank, international transactions can be made easily, in seconds. Crypto currency can be exchanged from one person’s wallet to another, stored somewhere on a mobile phone, computer or in the cloud. Crypto currency is resistant to counterfeiting . It is almost impossible to manipulate the system The fact that a large part of tech-savvy individuals and companies support the decision to use different cryptocurrencies suggests that the future of cryptocurrencies will be bright. Especially; considering that the new world order that will be established after the end of the pandemic can also bring the economy to a new form, it seems possible that crypto money will further increase its popularity and replace real money, but the desire of traditional users to trade by touching paper money should also not be denied.

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