Lady in The Exhibit

It was a famous painting of a woman. People from different parts of world would come to visit the exhibit just for the painting. Every single visitor would say something different for her: some says she looked sad, some says she looks jubilant;some says she looked perfectly splendid and some says she look disappointingly ugly. She was all of these. The painting was a special one which differs from one to another, which reflects the audience’s inner-self just like a mirror with golden handiwork on the edges.

She had colours. She had colours like brown, uellow and white. Her brown hair was carrying the glimpses of the years she went through. Her blue eyes were as deep as an ocean acting like an actual home to those who never had one. She had her own sunlight around her and she would be glad to lighten people.

She had colours like red, pink and black. Her blood red lips would people with it’s beauty. It was like a venue which make people wonder how many people gave up on their lives there… Her berry pink cheeks were like a sunset’s last smile and she would smile in dignity to keep the remembrance and her long lashes possessed the black of eternal darkness…

The audience would forget that she’s a human. They wouldn’t show respect to her privacy and they would never think that she could have a life. She just had to be there whenever they want to see the painting. All in all, she was the one on display, right? However, she would sleep; she loved to be in one of those dreams where she can leave the exhibit. She would wake; sunrise would burn her eyes and salutate her with its very first lights. She would read; she always believed that places, sounds and eyes could tell a story and she would appreciate it. Besides, every story was worth to be listened.

Lady in the exhibit would drift with peaceful waves where the Eastern sea is azure blue, she would fly with immigrant birds to wherever sky takes her and she would nip her coffee in a crowded street of France while looking to cheerful people passing by… Her soul left the exhibit long ago but, just like a robot, she would smile to the audience every single time.

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