Last Farewell

Us the wicked, come here at night to collect things which people say are “trash”. It is cold; the disease is spreading quickly, which is, surprising because many thought it would stop when the winter came. I don’t know how much I can hold on anymore. But I will try. I will try just for them to see that we – the ones they abandoned- survived without them and their filthy mercy. Oh, you are clueless about all this, aren’t you? Let me start from the beginning then.

As the population increased rapidly, many experts tried to warn us. But we, of course, did not listen, said it was all gods doing and will pass eventually. Guess what? It didn’t. This growth came to a point where people were no longer able to have more than one child. Poverty increased, resources started to run short. We expected our government to look after us as they did before, but this time it was different. This time, it was all too serious for them. We were left alone to die while the rich got all their needs in the blink of an eye. Hierarchy has never been so real.

The system is pretty hopeless now. So, my friend here we are, stealing leftover food to survive with pitying eyes upon us. Please don’t act foolish and try to talk with uppers; this will not get you anywhere. Worse, everything will be more complicated if they see you. Yet, I sometimes still can not believe how cruel this is and how they did it with great honour, hiding under the excuse of “protecting their country”.

You may feel confused, but I did not have any other choice. You need to understand how critical this is. Go and let others know. Do it quickly, do it quickly, so, we can live at ease again. It is painful to remember the old days when we could buy all our needs from a supermarket. Look at us now. A woman is lying in front of me, and I cannot help her. I too, need to endure this hell. Is it selfish of me? Do I look like the ones I hate? Oh, please say something, don’t just listen. Please do something!

The whole world fell silent during our talk. Am I the only one hearing this cry for help? The woman is crying, yelling, and begging for a cup of water; no one is looking. It is heartbreaking. You must be wondering how we got here. Well, I cannot blame you. I will help the woman after you leave, at least I could die with the pleasure of having an impact o the world if you can manage to do what we couldn’t.

Keep in mind that this time machine only works one way. Use this opportunity wisely. Even though having this burden on you, don’t give up. I believe this will be our first and last talk, farewell…

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