Last Summer

Summer is the favorite season of many people, especially students. It was the time when they were free to do whatever they wanted without school and lessons. Being able to go out at night and do something else always feels different and makes them feel better because it is not always something they can do and the excitement of night travel is also different because they have just grown up.



Two different plans are usually made to spend the holiday. One is to visit historical places and the other is to spend time on the beaches and sea. Although historical places are attractive to many people, I always prefer to choose the other. That doesn’t mean I never go to historical places. In the past, we took two different vacations in the summer. One is a holiday where we visit historical and cultural places and the other is a holiday where I have fun at the hotel. Unfortunately, due to the economy, we can no longer do this. I want beaches. Since it is not possible to go to the hotel anymore, we are going to our summer house. I have a lot of friends at the summer house, we go to the sea with them, we go to café sand entertainment venues. So there are a lot of things we can do, and I wouldn’t have that much fun if I went to a historical place. And now I prefer vacationing with my friends to my family because the things I can do with family are limited, which makes me bored.


When I compare the things I can do, what comes up is the beaches and my friends. I can’t have as much fun with anyone as I can with them and summer is one of the most important things to me. This is the last summer I can spend comfortably, so I want to do everything I can and start the next year like a bomb.

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