Last Thing To Tolerate

Bullies. Unfortunately, I understood it too late that it is not worth to worry about bullies. Of course, it may differ for each person, but the thing that affected me the most in my life was people who had bullied me. I think life is too short to be upset about what these people say. And to tolerate them. Because why would I have a person who will hurt me in my life? Doesn’t that sound so silly? After all, this is our life, and if we want to spend this life as enjoyable as it can be , we should not waste time even for tolerating tiny things that will upset us. Bullies can not only make a negative comment about what a person has or about their life, but also about things that a person cannot change about themselves. This is the worst part I think. Because this person who is getting bullied does not realize that what they cannot change about themselves makes them special. This undermines that person’s self-confidence. And self-confidence is one of the most important things that a person should have in their social life. And it would be one of the biggest mistakes to let any human being destroy their self-confidence. Does it sound something nice to tolerate?

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