Law and Peace

The main aim of enacting laws, rules and regulations is to establish peace in the society where every person feels safe and secure. Laws are in our lifes to lower down crime rates in the country and bring fear in the mind of potential offenders to not commit the crime.However, it is clearly observed that neither the crime rates are getting reduced nor the criminals have, feel any fear of law. Therefore, it is very important to make amendments in law to bring, establish peace in the community again. The laws and its implementation require reconsideration. Even though there are some hard punishments predefined in the laws still people commits those crimes. It could be understood from this that the laws need to be more stringent which deters the offenders to commit the crime. The laws are made by the government are lenient and that is why people are not deterred from committing crimes. The strict laws are made to bring the feeling of fear in the mind of the potential offenders so that before committing the crime they know that they have to bear severe consequences. It is important to establish fear in the mind of the public against any crime which can be created by enacting strict punishments. Strict punishments do not mean that for any petty offence a person would be punished severely but it means that the punishment must be in such an amount that the wrongdoer must not dare to commit the crime again and any potential offender gets frightened by understanding the consequences of his act. There must always be proportionality while giving punishment to an offender so that neither it is too severe that he has to bear more than what he did nor so less that he doesn’t fear before committing it again. Enacting strict laws alone could not fulfil the problems in the country neither can better implementation could. To establish peace, reduce crime, and create fear in the mind of potential offenders it is necessary that strict laws should be implemented in a better way. Thus strict laws along with better implementation would help the country to work efficiently. India’s law enforcing authorities, and the government needs to understand the situation of the present time and in respect of the increasing crime rates they should enact such laws that would deter the public and if such crime even happens then the implementation should be in such a way that the culprits are caught soon and punished then justice would prevail in its true sense.

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