Laws and Their Purpose

Since the beginning of time people have tried to make systems. They made systems to count numbers, to name the months of a year, to categorise the planets in our galaxy and also to control people. They made systems where there would be certain people with more knowledge and authority at a much higher rank than the rest of society, and these people would often have the ability to allow or forbid people to do or take certain actions. These systems were made so that there would be order and someone to tell people what to do and how to behave. These people were almost like policemen who regulated traffic, but instead of traffic they regulated how an entire country was run. Eventually, these systems came to be called governments or leaderships. As time passed by, more people started obeying less laws and it got harder for the governments to keep people under control because countries’ populations started to rise as well as the world population. Thus, more laws were put in place so people could be safer and live without being worried about things like safety, money or health. The laws and rules these governments passed benefited some and disadvantaged some others, as everything in life. However, this also caused a rift between the government and the people who did not approve of these laws.

Not everybody will follow the rules, and although the government may make arrests, people will still do it. Even if it is an official decree, people will find ways to get to the thing that was abolished. Whether it is illegally done often does not hinder their resistance against the rules. In fact, people will go through incorrect and dangerous means to get back that freedom. 

However, although some people may take it as limiting their freedom, these laws and rules contribute to providing order and stability in a society for a better quality of life. It is so the weak can be protected against the strong or people treated unjustly can fight for their justice. As a result of these laws, people can attain jobs, work, earn money, get health insurance, own private property and much more which automatically leads to flourishing life in communities. 

This all depends on the perspective from which you look at the situation with. You can look at the law as something which limits your freedom or you can see it as something that protects you and keeps you safe. 

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