Lazier Minds

People these days are having trouble with practical thinking and making research through books and hard-copy documents. Why is that? Are we getting lazier to think and search?

I think the answer to this question should be a big “Yes”. Let me explain, when we have everything under our hands we do not really have to worry about searching and learning new stuff. We just try to copy the lines that we see on internet and try to memorise it. We do not have any suspicion about the first website that tells us all the lies about the topic, no we just believe it because we rely on Google so much.

Ä°lgili resim

Most of the people, who got used to using Google learnt fake news and tried to apply these fake news and nonsense information just because they have seen it on a website. However, they just have seen it on a specific website maybe they did not even made backup research to clarify the new information yet they are okay with what they have taken in so far.

bing ile ilgili görsel sonucu

I guess the main reason why we are started to get lazy about everything about getting an information or even doing our grocery shopping online makes us to think that we can do everything in just 5 minutes without even putting effort into it and that seems fine to us. We can do everything through internet wherever we can get a wi-fi connection which is not really hard to find. Every café has internet connection. Why? To attract people or convince them to go to their café that actually works people often prefer cafes with internet to stay online.

starbucks with internet ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Reading and making research through books and documents are more reliable than online information because on the internet everyone can write about anything they want to but writing books have to get some process before being published, thus; I find them more reliable and helpful.

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