Leaving Me

It was a chill summer day. I got out of my bed and walked towards the window, that was already open, to get some fresh air. It was windy outside but it wasn’t harsh it made me shiver a bit. After getting some fresh air I felt my stomach ache from hunger so I decided to have a small breakfast.

While I was having a breakfast I got distracted by a text message notification, it was from Haru. I was a bit anxious about the notification because Haru wasn’t someone who gets up this early. After putting the dirty dishes away I decided to check the message. I could feel the hot tears running down my cheeks as I was reading the message from Haru.

“I’m leaving Japan cuz of university, you know I’ve always wanted to study there and I don’t want to miss this chance. Thank you so much for the time we spent together I’m so grateful to you for being on my side all this time. I hope you can understand me. I love you.”

I wasn’t able to think straight, he was leaving me after promising he’d be on my side no matter what. I had to see him before he leaves.

I left my studio apartment, running to the bus station as fast as I can. The wait for bus felt like forever so I just kept running till I found a taxi. My mind was as blurry as my vision. No matter how hard I tried to stop hot tears I couldn’t stop. One thing after another… I realized I was at the airport when I came to myself. I tried to find a tall, short-haired older guy but he was no where. I couldn’t stop panicking. Was he gonna leave without seeing me? There was nothing I could do so I decided to go back to my house.

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