Leaving The Only Place That We Live


     The Earth is a planet that has hosted humanity for almost sixty thousand years, covering many animals, plants, insects, and many other creatures, even if it sometimes seems like a huge area, it occupies a tiny space in space. From many theories to written texts, this little ball-shaped planet is even older than we think, and it still lives and sustains many things despite the conditions it is in. To live and make a living in this environment from past to present, people have invented things that will make their living spaces easier in this sphere. They live with the inventions they have made for themselves by being inspired by their environment or by turning the surroundings into things they can use. By the time the idea of ​​progressing to such an extent that they develop the world only for themselves, or rather pollute it, destabilize it and make life impossible, and to leave this small planet on which they live, and go to a different space, brings them to mind. Will having this idea in mind for centuries find a better result than finding a solution?



We are developing from the stone age to the modern age. From using the metals in the environment in a primitive way to extracting petrol from the sea or ocean bottoms, we are mining with advanced technologies for space rockets. Unfortunately, these extraordinary developments are not one-sided. The substances, oils, toxic gases, or wastes that we slowly extract gained incredible speed with the industrial revolution and started to be the cause of destruction, although it was a turning point for humanity. Especially in these periods, global warming, which started to make its voice heard more and more, is harming the world’s life day by day and leading to the destruction of natural resources and beauty. The melting of the glaciers, the rise in water levels, the endangerment of the existence of the creatures living in the arctic, the increase in temperatures day by day is only some of the damages. The news states that the world will not be as it was before in 100 years, and even if we want to stop global warming, it is too late. We, humans, have tried and tried, of course, to look for solutions to this mess we have created. One of them is living in space. 


First, if we look at the meaning of the word space it is  “dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.” As in the definition, we can describe it in the style of a huge void that has no end. So how are we going to find another planet equivalent to this one earth we humans have in this endless space? Unfortunately, the distance between the Earth and other planets is not a distance that can be reached in a day by jumping on a rocket. Even Mars, which has some similar features to Earth, is fifty-five million km away and there is no definite information about it being a more livable place. Even if people start to settle on a new planet by condoning these situations, it is not guaranteed that the planet they will live on will not end up like the current world. Even now, human throws are circulating in space.


As a result, our first aim should be to try to protect this planet that we have while we still have a chance, rather than looking for an escape ticket. because we can’t guarantee anything for the future. After all, we can neither proceed based on the ideas in our minds nor sit around doing nothing.



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